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Want to know a little more about how to pick out a ball that fits your hand correctly, make a spare, or adjust to make strikes as the oil pattern changes on the lane?

Bowling is a sport of probabilities and you can definitely improve and maximize your probabilities! With a little analysis and coaching, we can develop a plan for you, and you can see results and improve your game (usually after a few weeks/lessons).

We Work With Everyone!

-We coach beginners, assist in choosing equipment, learn fundamentals, and understanding the lane conditions.

-We coach advanced bowlers who want to tune up their physical game, develop their mental game, and/or get you ready for tournament play.

Our Philosophy...

Our style is to incorporates a low key, detail oriented approach to our bowling and coaching. We believe that kids and adults must have fun and enjoy bowling to improve. Emphasis is placed on the positive and we minimize the negative aspects of every bowlers' game that we work with.
Our goal is to make the smallest changes for the greatest results. We often film the bowler because we find that you can make changes faster if you can be part of the analysis. Often bowlers and other athletics are unaware of their movements util they see themselves on film!